Revive Your Old Jewelry

We are here to help

There is a priceless amount of love within jewelry, and we understand how much some pieces mean to you. That is why we are here to help when accidents happen. We can resize your rings, correct a loose stone, restore a family heirloom, rhodium plate a piece to make it stronger, solder closed a cracked bracelet or even update the design to give a fresh look to that piece you love so much. Our experienced staff has seen almost everything, and our Master Bench Jeweler can repair almost anything. Come into the store and we will evaluate your needs to give you exactly what you want.

Types of Repairs

Strengthen your jewelry with rhodium plating, a technique that is used on jewelry to provide a surface that is resilient to everyday life and give a white, reflective appearance. Rhodium will not tarnish or discolor, and since it is a harder substance, it is nearly impossible to get scratched. White gold plated with rhodium will also keep its good looks longer.

Diamonds may be forever, but dirt and grime can sometimes tarnish their brilliance. If your gold has lost that sunny glow or it has been decades since its last polishing, bring it in. We can give them that 'brand new' shine that you desire. Your jewelry will love you as much as you love it, and it'll catch everyone's eyes once again.

It may seem like the end of the world when a loose stone pops out, but it happens to everyone. With decades of experience, we can help reset the stone or find a reasonably priced replacement that matches the size and beauty of the stone that was lost. Bring it in and we'll help restore it and additionally strengthen the setting.

Not all jewelry is created equal nor does gold or platinum compare to the bulletproof indestructibility of Wonder Woman's Bracelets. But we can alleviate your worry about any cracked or snapped jewelry pieces you may have. However big or small it may be, we can solder it together, plate it in rhodium, or even rebuild the broken section to give it renewed strength.

Styles can change by the day. We specialize in customizing jewelry so that you don't have to store away old jewelry because it hasn't kept up with the times. From a changing earings into necklace pendants to a redesign of a cherished wedding ring, we take extreme care to preserve a beloved piece and add newfound spirit.